Mobile Shopping Summit 2016 (past event)

October 17-October 19, 2016

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Monday October 17: Seize The Micromoment

07:20 AM - 08:10 AM Breakfast & Registration In The Social Hub

08:10 AM - 08:20 AM Welcome Remarks

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08:20 AM - 08:30 AM Opening Address

David Spitz, CMO, mParticle


David Spitz


08:30 AM - 08:50 AM Keynote: Win The Shift To Mobile Through Immediate, Relevant & Frictionless Micromoments

Aki Iida, Head of Mobile, Zappos
Want-to-know moments. Want-to-do moments. Want-to-buy moments. Mobile has fractured the customer journey into hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micromoments that happen anytime, anywhere. And each moment is a critical opportunity for brands to influence your customer’s decisions and path to purchase. So how can you meet your customer in the moment? In this session, a Top 10 retailer outlines their successes so far:
• Provide useful and relevant information exactly when the customer needs it
• Help your customer move through your mobile offering at lightning speed
• Connect the dots across screens, channels and teams


Aki Iida

Head of Mobile

08:50 AM - 09:10 AM Keynote: Become A Mobile Leader: The Best And Worst Shopping Apps

Ben Gray, Digital Experience Analyst, Applause
Your customers are shopping when and where they want. Start on a tablet, switch to a phone and end up in store. Today’s shopping experiences no longer exist in a vacuum. Mobile profoundly influences the customer journey. It's critical that retailers deliver flawless experiences everywhere and everytime. Applause will unveil the results of a study on the best and worst shopping apps and share what it takes for leaders to turn casual buyers into customers for life.


Ben Gray

Digital Experience Analyst

09:10 AM - 09:45 AM Restructuring PANEL: Create A Mobile-First, Customer-Centric Company

Jim Merk, Director, Brand Marketing, Newegg Alex Austin, Co-Founder & CEO, Branch , , Karen Hidalgo, Solutions Consultant, Moxie
Join four panelists who are embracing major external and internal change, keeping the customer front of mind and earning company-wide commitment to mobile strategy. You’ll leave this session with strong understanding of not only what your customer values, but also the value the mobile customer represents to your bottom line:
• Define what actually motivates your customer, then reorganize your strategy around their needs
• Use the wealth of data at your disposal to create an experience that goes above and beyond customer expectation
• Become customer centric to catch up with Amazon, Alibaba and disruptive competitors


Jim Merk

Director, Brand Marketing

Alex Austin

Co-Founder & CEO

Karen Hidalgo

Solutions Consultant

09:45 AM - 10:00 AM FIRESIDE CHAT: Lessons From A Mobile-First Brand: How Personalization Is Driving Mobile App Engagement and ROI

Momchil Kyurkchiev, CEO and Co-founder, Leanplum Michael Eilers Smith, Lead Mobile Developer and Product Manager, Frank + Oak
What can more traditional retailers learn from mobile-firstbrands? While many retailers are playing catch up with mobile strategies,younger and digitally savvy brands are also launching physical store presences.What can we learn from these next-gen retailers? How are mobile-first brandsacquiring, engaging, and retaining users? What insights are they applying tothe brick and mortar model and what are the challenges they are facing?

Join Michael Eilers Smith, lead mobile developer at Frank Oak, and MomchilKyurkchiev, CEO & Co-Founder at Leanplum, for a fireside chat to discusshow Frank Oak leverages the latest in mobile marketing technology to engageshoppers with personalized campaigns.

In this session you’ll learn:

• How a mobile-first brand stays dynamic in a competitive app environment
• What lessons they are applying to launching brick and mortar extensions
• Creative strategies to target and engage users with personalized messaging, location based campaigns, and reducing shopping cart abandonment


Momchil Kyurkchiev

CEO and Co-founder

Michael Eilers Smith

Lead Mobile Developer and Product Manager
Frank + Oak

10:00 AM - 10:20 AM Keynote: Creating A Millennial Marketing Campaign

Bob Purcell, CMO, 100% PURE Cosmetics
Bob Purcell is the Chief Marketing Officer at 100% PURE.Bob has a diverse and proven track record of driving profitable growth from a pre-revenue stage to a $1.4 billion dollar sales and EBITDA of over $64 million dollars. In addition to transforming entire industries, Bob has received Hall of Fame and CLIO Awards for his creative and also been named Search Engine Marketer of The Year.
Bob’s favorite product is Coffee Bean Eye Cream.


Bob Purcell

100% PURE Cosmetics

10:20 AM - 11:00 AM Java & Juice Morning Break In The Social Hub

11:00 AM - 11:20 AM Keynote: Customer Obsession: How To Apply Target’s Customer Centric Mindset In Your Company

Rob Anderson, Senior Director, Guest Experience - and Mobile Product, Target
Most organizations talk often about putting customers first. Digital teams who truly achieve customer focus have transformed their operating model to revolve around successful outcomes for customers, driving brand affinity and repeat business. With insight into a Top 20 digital brand, Rob will take you on Target’s Product journey and offer valuable lessons that can be applied in the retail environment:

· Learn more about your customer’s needs as their engagement grows,rather than simply tracking their past behavior

· Discover the best customer experiences, and deliver them in a channel-agnostic way 

· Approach mobile as a primary tool of the customer, leveraged in unique ways for research and transaction 


Rob Anderson

Senior Director, Guest Experience - and Mobile Product

11:20 AM - 11:40 AM The Self-Driving Campaign: How Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics And AI Will Shape The Future Of Mobile Marketing

Samir Addamine, Founder and Chairman, Follow Analytics
Hear about an exciting new technology from one of our vendor partners and a retail client.


Samir Addamine

Founder and Chairman
Follow Analytics

11:40 AM - 12:00 PM Cleverosity--Look At The World Differently!

Eugene Alletto, CEO, Bedgear
Learn how to effectively compare your products to others in the market merely by serving more and locating the touch points that drive long-term purchasing habits amongst your customers.

· Locate trends and find ideas that can become the foundation for your own creativity and innovative vision.

· Elevate your guest’s experience – from providing them with compelling reasons to choose you, to creating a deeper connection between your product and their desires, and furthering their enjoyment of and attachment to your brand.

· Spread that message to your team, embed in it their daily work processes and create a unique culture within your own organization.

· These keys to success in today’s market, where change is constant and evolution is critical, will expand and enhance your business, product line and brand, to keep you in front of and apart from your competition.


Eugene Alletto


12:00 PM - 12:20 PM Commerce Anywhere, Anytime – The Mobile Transformation

Brenna Johnson, Senior Principal Product Strategist, Oracle Commerce
Companies large and small understand that online commerce is a necessary sales channel to be competitive today. Since most shoppers carry their mobile devices wherever they go, retailers must have effective mobile strategies in place; and they must deliver relevant, personalized communications to shoppers at home, on the go and in-store. That means doing the right thing when it comes to both mobile sites and mobile apps. Retailers should think about operating a mobile-first strategy when it comes to building or refreshing e-Commerce sites. Join us and discover how Oracle is enabling retailers to provide mobile access throughout their customer’s shopping journey.


Brenna Johnson

Senior Principal Product Strategist
Oracle Commerce
As part of a small group, you’ll hear how other retailers and brands are getting to grips with mobile and digital. You’ll be inspired to take their approaches back to your workplace. And you’ll have fun doing it. Every 25 minutes, we’ll tackle a new topic with a new expert host.

1) Making A Case For Mobile Web Vs. Native App
Jill Pauley, Director, Online Marketing, SexyHair
2) Cleverosity- Look At The World Differently!
Eugene Alletto, CEO, Bedgear
3) Taking Your Mobile Presence Global: Challenges and Opportunities
Karen Ayyagari, Lead Mobile Product Manager, Global E-commerce, UNIQLO
4) Streamline The Mobile Shopping Experience
Jordan Bass, Director, eCommerce, FIJI Water
5) Optimize Mobile Speed And Agility With Execution
Anshu Bhardwaj, Sr. Director - Site & Mobile Experience,
6) Low Cost, Low Tech Ways To Put Your Customer First
Shari Doggett, CEO, Factory Direct Craft Supply
7) Leveraging the Mobile In-Store Experience
Howard Blumenthal, Director, eBusiness Product Management, Advance Auto Parts


Anshu Bhardwaj

Sr. Director - Site & Mobile Experience

Karen Ayyagari

Lead Mobile Product Manager, Global eCommerce

Shari Doggett

Factory Direct Craft Supply

Eugene Alletto


Howard Blumenthal

Director, eBusiness Product Management
Advance Auto Parts

Jill Pauley

Director, Online Marketing

Jordan Bass

Director, eCommerce
FIJI Water

1:20 PM - 2:20 PM Lunch For All Attendees & DMI Private Lunch

Track A: Mobile Acquisition

2:20 PM - 2:25 PM Chairperson’s Afternoon Address

David Spitz, CMO, mParticle


David Spitz


Track B: Mobile Retention

2:20 PM - 2:25 PM Chairperson’s Afternoon Address

Lindsay Moore, Vice President of Marketing, Zmags

Lindsay Moore

Vice President of Marketing

Track A: Mobile Acquisition

2:25 PM - 2:55 PM Case Study Revolution: From Mobile Leader To Lagger, then Back To Leader

Gary Kazmer, GM, Global eCommerce, Crayola


Gary Kazmer

GM, Global eCommerce

Track B: Mobile Retention

2:25 PM - 2:55 PM Case Study Revolution: Engaging Consumers in New Ways on Mobile to Drive Brand Awareness and Sales

Wilson Kriegel, CBDO & US GM, PicsArt

Marketers are continuallyengaging their customers with relevant and timely content, but the rise ofmobile has created a fresh spin and a way to get ahead of competitors. So, howshould brands engage customers on mobile and how should that content look andfeel, compared to desktop? And, how can marketers enable customer interactionwith brands on mobile in a more targeted way than current acquisitionstrategies?

In this presentation you’ll learn from PicsArt on how to leverage customers in“mobile content moments”. Get more insight into how content marketing isevolving on mobile and the new ways in which you can launch interactivecampaigns, driving more awareness and commerce for your brand.


Wilson Kriegel


Track A: Mobile Acquisition

2:55 PM - 3:15 PM Innovation Spotlight from AppsFlyer

Sunil Bhagwan, VP Sales, AppsFlyer
Executive from AppsFlyer & Retail Client


Sunil Bhagwan

VP Sales

Track B: Mobile Retention

2:55 PM - 3:15 PM Web Obesity and Performance: Secrets You Can Use

Shailesh Shukla, VP Marketing and Product, Instart Logic Executive And Retail Client
Learn how web performance impacts your business and brand experience as you innovate to meet your customers demands. What you don't know about user perception and mobile performance might be slowing you down. Is it possible to have your 'heavy' website and still be fast? The answer is Yes. Get to know 5 approaches that work.


Shailesh Shukla

VP Marketing and Product
Instart Logic Executive And Retail Client
Our panel of experts is on hand to answer your most pressing search and discovery questions. Here they delve into tried and tested tactics that will help you:
• Transform advertising into micromoments of discovery, while trading off scale vs. efficient marketing spend
• Allow customers to find products and unlock your product catalogue in both web and app
• Take first steps towards programmatic buying- the parameters to consider, measuring its effectiveness and how to budget for it


Santiago Merea

Chief Revenue Officer

Jeff Pearson

SVP, eCommerce & Strategy

Preston Bottomy

GM, Fashion

Ashley Serotta

Senior Director, Digital Marketing & eCommerce
Living Proof

Raj Sawhney

Director, Business Development

Dave Myers

Are you getting your brand message across effectively on the small screen? Our panelists bring their content strategies to life:
• Understand the intention of the mobile shopper at each stage of the purchase path, then deliver compelling content
• Ensure features and messaging are optimized for the small screen, using the native features of the device
• Manage personalization at scale to balance the quantity and quality of content delivered


Justin Aronstein

Director, UX and Analytics
Living Direct

Gil Harel

VP, Business Development

Samir Addamine

Founder and Chairman
Follow Analytics

Arun Gambhir

Director, Digital eCommerce Integration
Choice Hotels

3:50 PM - 4:30 PM Beat The Heat Afternoon Break In The Social Hub

Track A: Mobile Acquisition

4:30 PM - 4:50 PM Endless Aisle Case Study: Using Mobile Data To Enhance The Instore Ordering Process

Andrew Flicker, eCommerce Business Analysis & Intelligence Manager, Leslie's Poolmart


Andrew Flicker

eCommerce Business Analysis & Intelligence Manager
Leslie's Poolmart

Track B: Mobile Retention

4:30 PM - 4:50 PM Customer Feedback Strategy: Gain Actionable Feedback From Your Mobile Experience

Karen Bennett, Senior Manager, Online Feedback Strategy, The Home Depot
Email is a marketer’s best friend, but few marketers are employing curated, responsive and compressed email campaigns at scale to take conversion to the next level. In this session, a Top 100 retailer explains how to design & send email in a mobile first world:
• Scalable design vs. Fluid design vs. Responsive design: the pros & cons of each approach
• Ensure reliable rendering across clients and devices, while operating to a limited budget
• Get your mobile email content to instantly grab your customers attention


Karen Bennett

Senior Manager, Online Feedback Strategy
The Home Depot

Track A: Mobile Acquisition

4:50 PM - 5:00 PM Social, Mobile, and The Future of Retail

Shiv Kamal, Senior Growth & Analytics Manager,


Shiv Kamal

Senior Growth & Analytics Manager

Track B: Mobile Retention

4:50 PM - 5:00 PM Mobile Retention Stream: User Generated Profiles Are The Future Of Personalized Mobile Communications

Paul Cook, VP of Business Development,

Paul Cook

VP of Business Development
Join this lively debate alongside our four expert panelists, as they try to answer the biggest question of 2016. Web or App?
• Determine which is more suited to your needs based on target audience, intended purpose, required features and available budget
• Build a web platform that is instantly accessible, instantly updatable and compatible across devices
• Build an app platform that drives frequent use from your most loyal customer base


David Michaels


Jessica Scheibach

Principal Program Manager, Mobile Apps

Adam Miller

Mobile Marketing & Analytics Manager

Shiv Kamal

Senior Growth & Analytics Manager

Max Clark


Track B: Mobile Retention

5:00 PM - 5:35 PM Loyalty PANEL: Increasing Customer Lifetime Value By Developing A Consistent Brand Voice

Mike Pitone, Director, Digital Product & Experience, Revzilla Andrew Flicker, eCommerce Business Analysis & Intelligence Manager, Leslie's Poolmart Elizabeth Krause, VP, Global eBusiness, Volcom
Omnichannel loyalty means connecting the online and offline dots, delivering great experiences and rewarding key customer behavior. But siloed data and outdated legacy systems often get in the way. So how do the very best retailers drive loyalty to their brands?
• Recognize that customers can look beyond price and buy based on the relationship they have with your brand
• Develop a clear picture of who your customer is, how to interact with them and when
• Change a one-time transaction into increased LTV through dynamic, relevant, and consistent communication


Mike Pitone

Director, Digital Product & Experience

Andrew Flicker

eCommerce Business Analysis & Intelligence Manager
Leslie's Poolmart

Elizabeth Krause

VP, Global eBusiness

5:35 PM - 11:59 PM End of Day One & Taste Of California Welcome Reception