Mobile Shopping Summit 2016 (past event)

October 17 - 19, 2016

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Wilson Kriegel, CBDO & US GM at PicsArt
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Wilson Kriegel


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Monday October 17: Seize The Micromoment

Saturday, June 10th, 2017

14:25 Case Study Revolution: Engaging Consumers in New Ways on Mobile to Drive Brand Awareness and Sales

Marketers are continuallyengaging their customers with relevant and timely content, but the rise ofmobile has created a fresh spin and a way to get ahead of competitors. So, howshould brands engage customers on mobile and how should that content look andfeel, compared to desktop? And, how can marketers enable customer interactionwith brands on mobile in a more targeted way than current acquisitionstrategies?

In this presentation you’ll learn from PicsArt on how to leverage customers in“mobile content moments”. Get more insight into how content marketing isevolving on mobile and the new ways in which you can launch interactivecampaigns, driving more awareness and commerce for your brand.