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October 17-October 19, 2016

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Mobile Shopping 2016 Attendee List

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The Director's Report: Mobile Shopping 2016

In just two years, mobile commerce has matured from a budding channel adopted by a few progressive companies to a critical commerce and marketing channel. Today, mobile offerings must be both fully transactional and support the customer’s end-to-end experience with a retailer or brand (ie. mobile is a companion pre-sale & post-sale). What makes mobile complex is that it is a research channel, a marketing channel and a sales channel all in one- and there is still a huge gap between traffic and sales.

Reports & Studies

[Whitepaper] Mobile & The Next Step in Omnichannel Commerce

2015 was another year of major mobile disruption, as smartphones and tablets further entrenched themselves as key components of omnichannel shopping. Mobile is an increasingly important revenue channel, and retailers are investing accordingly.

Using proprietary data, this report takes a first-hand look at how brands are approaching the opportunities and challenges of mobile into 2016. Topics include:
 - Mobile technology investment priorities
 - Which mobile touchpoints and strategies are producing the best results
 - How mobile is redefining omnichannel commerce

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The 2015 Mobile Shopping Director's Report

Containing proprietary benchmark data, analysis and a special agenda preview, the 2015 Mobile Shopping Director's Report addresses the most exciting opportunities and challenges facing retailers in the world of mCommerce today. Some topics included in this edition of the report are:
- Measuring mobile ROI
- Data and personalization strategies
- In-store disruption and mobile PoS
- Much more!

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How Retail M-Commerce Strategies Are Shifting

Mobile capabilities have fundamentally changed the way brands and consumers interact and transact. The ubiquity of mobile devices has opened up a wealth of new opportunities for retailers to engage with consumers; thanks to mobile, brands are more embedded than ever before in consumers' daily lives. That has huge implications for mobile as a retail revenue stream.

This whitepaper covers the following:
 - How mobile has become the lynchpin of omnichannel strategy
 - How retailers are coping with mobile fraud concerns
 - How to deal with shopping cart abandonment

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The Director's Report: The State Of Mobile Shopping

Drawing on more than 6 weeks of intensive research and interviews with mobile commerce leaders, The State of Mobile Shopping Report offers an overview on topics like:

  • Mobile Shopping At A Glance
  • Top Industry Drivers
  • Current Issues
  • What's Ahead For Mobile Shopping

The Mobile Innovators Series: The Good, The Bad, & The Bold in Mobile

As a part of the Mobile Innovators Series, the Mobile Shopping team surveyed a dozen of the industry’s mobile strategy leaders about three burgeoning mobile capabilities:

- Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons
- Location-based services
- Mobile wallets.

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Mobile Innovation Report

In May 2014, the team behind the Mobile Shopping conference series surveyed 25 of the retail industry’s leading mobile innovators to uncover where they will be taking mCommerce in the next 12 months.

Push Notifications

In this exclusive video interview, Shari Rudolph, VP of E-Commerce apparel retailer Wet Seal, discusses how the company worked out a truly seamless integration of its mobile commerce and social media strategies.

The company’s “Runway” app allows customers to enter Wet Seal stores, scan barcodes of merchandise and see outfits that have been styled with that item by others in the social community – the ultimate in social merchandising...leveraged by the mobile channel with the help of push notifications. This social experience can be taken inside brick and mortar stores so that the company can cross-sell into other categories.

Event Takeaways & Highlights

Mobile Shopping Attendee List

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The Indelible Role that Mobile Will Play this Holiday Season

In this op-ed article from Navneet Loiwal, CEO and Co-Founder of Shopular, the role of mobile shopping for the upcoming holiday season is examined. There are several interesting ways 2014's holiday season will be unique!

QA Chris Brya

Download The Interview With Chris Brya, Choice Hotels


Pizza Pizza Cooks Up A Successful Mobile App

A Forrester Research Case Study By Vidya L. Drego

Mobile Attribution & Marketing Analytics for eCommerce

Mobile commerce is on a tear. There’s no other way to put it. To name just one study from the many out there — PayPal-Ipsus research paper covering 22 countries found that mCommerce is growing at three times the rate of eCommerce. Between 2013 and 2016 the compound annual growth rate for m-commerce is projected at 42 percent vs. 13% for eCommerce. To put growth in actual sales, mCommerce sales are expected to eclipse $290 billion worldwide by 2016.

Asking the Right Questions

Adding a new technology partner to your increasingly complex marketing stack is an important decision. It’s crucial that you’re asking the right questions based on your ever-expanding marketing needs, especially when it comes to a marketing automation solution for our mobile-centric world. We’ve put together a guide covering the most important questions you need to be asking of your future marketing technology vendor as you consider a new solution.

The Secret to Retail Mobile App Success

AIM Consulting on how to retain mobile app customers and grow your loyalty base

Mobile Marketing Automation: The Future of Mobile Engagement

Today, more than ever before, there are multiple channels across countless devices through which customers experience brands. The irony here is that while you as a marketer have to be aware of the multiple channels your customers weave in and out of, the customers themselves are channel agnostic. They flow in and out of your brick and mortar store, onto your app, and then on your website, which better be mobile responsive, expecting to have a fluid and seamless experience.

How to use Mobile Technologies to Increase Customer Loyalty

Today's technologies are changing how marketers engage with consumesr on an emotional level. Traditional marketing techniques - such as coupons and rewards cards - are finding new life. Learn more in this exclusive whitepaper from AIM Consulting!


5 Tips for Boosting Speed with Responsive Design for Your Existing Site Featuring Forrester Research

Join Forrester, Urban Outfitters and Merkle 5th Finger in this must-see webinar to discover:

  • The key factors to site speed, and how to decrease page load time
  • What other factors outside of site speed will affect conversions and other site performance metrics
  • The positives and negatives to different techniques used to achieve responsive design and similar outcomes


  • Mike Pitone, Senior Manager, Product Management and User Experience, Urban Outfitters
  • Peter Sheldon, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
  • Patrick Collins, President, Merkle | 5th Finger

Key Knowledge Partner: Merkle 5th Finger