Mobile Shopping Summit 2016 (past event)

October 17 - 19, 2016

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Dave Walters, North America Sales Leader, Customer Engagement Solutions at IBM Marketing Solutions
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Dave Walters

North America Sales Leader, Customer Engagement Solutions
IBM Marketing Solutions

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Dave.

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Tuesday October 18: Bricks & Clicks

Monday, July 10th, 2017

08:30 Keynote: The Perfect Mobile Experience, A Billion Times a Day

Everything we know about mobile is about to change. All marketers understand that mobile is the must-win battleground to build unbreakable bonds with customers. Yet, with every attempt to catch up, it seems a new technology emerges threatening to disrupt organizations, even entire industries. How can marketers get ahead of disruption? How can we rethink everything we know about mobile to better prepare ourselves for an ever changing future?

Join IBM Strategic Marketing Evangelist, Dave Walters, as he shares insights on how mobile is evolving to be the access point for the cognitive era, enabling brands to develop deeper engagement, layering in nuances of tone, sentiment, emotional state, environmental conditions and even personal relationships. You will hear how you can accelerate innovation with emerging capabilities that help you create experiences that are smarter, more immersive, intuitive and personalized to create the perfect moment—billions of times a day.

14:20 Beer Bucket Solution Provider Roundtables

1) Web Obesity and Performance: Secrets You Can Use
Shailesh Shukla, CMO and VP Products, Instart Logic
2) Digital Transformation of Retail: Mobile is the Key
Michael Klein, Director, Retail Industry- Strategy and Marketing, Adobe
3) Become A Mobile Leader: The Best And Worst Shopping Apps

Ben Gray, Digital Experience Analyst, Applause
4) The Self-Driving Campaign: How Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics And AI Will Shape The Future Of Mobile Marketing

Samir Addamine, Founder and Chairman, Follow Analytics
5) Commerce Anywhere, Anytime – The Mobile Transformation

Brenna Johnson, Senior Principal Product Strategist, Oracle Commerce
6) The Perfect Mobile Experience, A Billion Times a Day

Dave Walters, Strategic Marketing Evangelist, IBM
7) Creating A Unified Mobile Experience Across Channels To Grow And Engage Your Best Customers

Alex Austin, Co-Founder & CEO, Branch
8) Roundtable Hosted by Dynamic Yield

Mukund Ramachandran, VP, Marketing, Dynamic Yield